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Florida Lottery The Player's Guide


Can I buy a ticket and give it to someone else?
Yes. However, if the ticket is a winner it is considered a “bearer” instrument and the person presenting the winning ticket for payment will be the one paid.
What if I lose my ticket?
Players who believe their ticket is lost or stolen should contact the Florida Lottery’s Division of Security at (850) 487-7730. Additionally, you should always sign the back of your Lottery ticket as soon as you purchase it. This will help prevent someone else from claiming a prize on your Florida Lottery ticket if it is lost or stolen, or if someone tries to change or alter your signature.
How much do Lottery tickets cost?
Florida Lottery ticket prices vary from game to game.
  • For terminal games (Draw and Fast Play™), individual ticket prices range from $0.50 to $5.
  • However, the selection of play style, add-ons, and advance draw purchases increase the final price. Players also have the option to purchase a Grouper package for $5 or the Jackpot Combo package for $6.
  • For Scratch-Off games, individual ticket prices range from $1 to $30.
Where do I claim my prize?
Attention: To help protect our employees and players during the COVID-19 outbreak, Florida Lottery Headquarters and District Offices are open to the public by appointment only for players with prizes valued at $600 or more. For more information please visit
In Person:
  • Prizes of $599 or less may be claimed at any authorized retailer, Florida Lottery District Office, or Florida Lottery Headquarters.
  • Prizes of $600 to $250,000 may be claimed at any Florida Lottery District Office or Florida Lottery Headquarters.
  • Prizes greater than $250,000 must be claimed at Florida Lottery Headquarters, with the exception of:
  • MEGA MILLIONS® and POWERBALL® prizes of $600 to $1 million. They may be claimed at any Florida Lottery District Office or at Florida Lottery Headquarters.

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By Mail:

All winning tickets of $250,000 or less may be mailed to the Florida Lottery for prize payment. To claim a prize by mail, simply mail the ticket(s) and the required documentation to the following address:

Florida Lottery
Claims Processing
250 Marriott Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32399-9939
How long do I have to claim my prize?

Florida Lottery Draw game prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the applicable draw date. Draw game prizes for which a single-payment cash option is available must be claimed within the first 60 days after the applicable draw date to elect the cash option.

Florida Lottery Scratch-Off and Fast Play™ game prizes must be claimed within 60 days of the official end-of-game date, unless the ticket has been validated, in which case it must be claimed within 90 days of the end-of-game date.

How quickly will I receive my money when I claim my prize?

The length of time necessary to issue the prize payment is dependent upon the amount of the prize that is being claimed. All prize amounts are also subject to any state owed debt:

Prizes less than $250,000
Winner may receive the prize payment (less taxes when applicable), the same business day.
Prizes greater than $250,000
The prize payout (less taxes), will be wire transferred to the winner’s bank account within two business days.
POWERBALL® and MEGA MILLIONS® jackpot prizes, and CASH4LIFE® top prizes
POWERBALL® and MEGA MILLIONS® jackpot prizes, and CASH4LIFE® top prizes are not available to be paid until 15 days after the applicable draw date, and are also subject to a two-day waiting period.
How will I receive my prize? Will I receive a check, or will it be directly deposited into my bank account?
Winners can elect to receive their prize via an ACH transfer directly to their bank account, or via check. However, most winners claiming prizes greater than $10,000 choose the security and speed of a wire transfer, providing immediate use of funds once transferred.
How should I sign my name on my winning ticket?
Winners should sign the back of the ticket in the same way they would sign a check or any other legal document.
What should I use to sign my ticket?
The Florida Lottery recommends signing tickets using a pen, but any writing instrument or signature stamp is acceptable. Mailing labels or postage stickers are not acceptable.
I have a POWERBALL®, MEGA MILLIONS®, or CASH4LIFE® ticket from another state; can I cash it in Florida since this is a multi-state game?
All POWERBALL®, MEGA MILLIONS®, and CASH4LIFE® prizes must be claimed in the state where the ticket was purchased.
What happens if someone wins a jackpot or top prize and dies before the annual installments are paid?
If a jackpot or top prize winner dies before receiving all annual installments, the balance of the prize will be paid to the winner’s estate. Upon court order, annual prize payments will continue to be paid to the winner’s heirs. POWERBALL® and MEGA MILLIONS® jackpot annual payments may be cashed out by the winner’s estate.
Can Florida Lottery winners remain anonymous?
Florida law mandates that the Florida Lottery allow access to certain governmental records for public disclosure purposes. So, under existing law, Florida Lottery winners cannot remain anonymous.