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Florida Lottery The Player's Guide

Play Responsibly

Playing responsibly is all about knowing your limits and playing within your means.

Our games are intended to be a fun, low-cost form of entertainment. Plus, you get the added benefit of helping fund Florida education. We know that most of our players enjoy playing our games for the fun and excitement of it, but for others, gaming of any kind can create a problem. We aim to help those players, too.

Play Responsibly Tips

Check out our helpful tips for safer gaming to make sure you’re always playing responsibly.

Don’t think of the Lottery as a way to make money.
All of our tickets are intended to be fun games, not a source of income.
Set a dollar limit and stick to it.
It’s important to set a budget for what you can afford to spend on the Lottery, using your discretionary income. Don’t spend more money than you initially intended or can afford.
Never chase your losses.
Not winning is part of playing the Lottery. Don’t assume that you can earn back the money you have already lost. Know when to stop.
Never borrow money to play the Lottery.
Friends don’t play with friends’ money.
Don’t play when you are upset or depressed.
You should avoid doing many things if you are upset or depressed. Playing the Lottery is one of those things. Keep the fun in playing.
Know when to ask for help.
Resources are available if you are struggling with an addiction. Find more information about the organizations that may be able to help.

Addiction Resources

Help is available if you need it.

We want our games to remain fun for our players at all times. But we recognize that some people can develop a problem. If you or a loved one are struggling with a gambling addiction, we encourage you to seek help by contacting one of the organizations below.

These organizations provide all kinds of resources to those who may have a gambling problem, some of which include support group meetings, treatment with a certified counselor, and self-help recovery workbooks. The selected organization(s) will work with you or your loved one to determine the resources best suited to their needs.

Discretionary Income

Only use discretionary income to play.

A big part of being a responsible Lottery player is only using discretionary income, or money you can afford to lose, to play. Discretionary income is the amount of money you have left to spend, invest or save after you have paid for necessities such as food, shelter and clothing. Some other things you could buy with discretionary income are new shoes, movie tickets or that new best-selling book.

To determine your discretionary income, the Florida Department of Financial Services created the Your Money Matter$ tool . This website aims to provide you with resources for creating personal budgets and spending plans so you can manage your money wisely.

View other financial resources provided by the Department of Financial Services.

Are You Playing Responsibly?

Do you have a set budget for how much you can spend on Lottery tickets?
Setting a budget is super important so you don’t overspend on our games.
Why do you play Lottery games?
Our games are not a means to make money. You should only play our games for fun.
What age do you have to be to play the Lottery?
Our games aren’t child’s play. You must be 18 or older to play.
Has playing the Lottery ever made you sad?
Our games are just for entertainment. And we want them to always remain fun for our players.
Has buying or playing the Lottery ever affected your home life?
Remember, it’s just a game. Keep the fun in playing.
After losing a Lottery game do you feel the need to play again to win back the money you spent?
You should never chase your losses. Only use money you can afford to lose.
Have you ever pulled money from savings to play Lottery games?
Only play the Lottery with discretionary income.
Have you ever felt a compulsive need to play the Lottery?
If you feel like you might have a gambling problem, help is available. Call 888-236-4848.
What kind of money do you spend on Lottery games?
Have a budget for how much you can afford to spend on Lottery tickets, and stick to it.
Have you ever played Lottery games to escape worry, trouble, loneliness, grief or loss?
Don’t play the Lottery when you’re upset or depressed. It should always be fun.

Know the Odds Before You Play Them

What are the odds?

No, really, it’s very important that you understand the odds associated with each game. While the odds vary from game to game, the odds of winning all work the same way. We want our players to have fun when playing, so remember, it only takes one ticket to win.

Let’s say you have a 1 in 4 chance of randomly picking an orange per crate. Multiple crates with the same odds do not guarantee that you will pick an orange once. Just like the Lottery, if there is a 1 in 4 chance of winning, that applies to every individual ticket. Having multiple tickets does not increase your odds. The odds are the same, no matter how many times you try.

Test Your Lottery Knowledge

It’s important to know how to and how not to play.

True or False: Special strategies will help you win more in certain games.
False. There is no way to influence the outcome of a game. Winning tickets and winning numbers are completely random. There is no guarantee of a return on any ticket.
True or False: If you buy four non-winning tickets in a row, the next ticket is guaranteed to be a winner.
False. The odds of winning do not guarantee any specific outcome. The odds do not change regardless of how many tickets you purchase. Rather, the odds serve as a reference to understand the approximate chance of winning.
True or False: Playing the same numbers every time does not increase your chances of winning.
True. Each draw is completely random, and your chances of winning are always constant. If you play the same numbers each game, they have the same chance of hitting or missing every time you play.
True or False: If there is a smaller jackpot, you have better odds of winning.
False. The size of the jackpot and the number of players has no effect on the odds for most games, with the exception of raffle-style games.
True or False: You don’t have to gamble all the time to have a gambling problem.
True. Problem gambling is any time you play beyond your means or when it becomes more than a hobby. Remember to always plan to play for fun, within your means.

Must Be 18+ To Play

Our games aren’t child’s play.

We are committed to preventing underage gaming. Lottery games are designed to be a fun, low-cost form of entertainment for those over the age of 18. Sure, Lottery tickets can make a great gift for birthdays, holidays, or other special events, but please remember they should only be given to, or played by, adults.

Download the Player’s Guide.